Collaboration with UK animation studio Fred and Eric for UK Trauma Council (a project of Anna Freud's).

From Fred and Eric's official vimeo page:

Once in a while, a project comes along that not only captures our creative imagination but resonates so deeply with us, that goes beyond a usual animation commission.

When the UK Trauma Council (UKTC) - a group of childhood trauma specialists- first contacted us about working on this project, we knew instantly it was one of those jobs...The UK Trauma Council (which is a project of mental health charity, Anna Freud) got in touch after gaining funding to create an animation, specifically highlighting trauma for young people (12-21 years) impacted by war and conflict. This initiative was motivated by the devastating war in Ukraine but is sadly ever-relevant to young people from all around the world.The UKTC realised there weren't any resources specific to young people, on how to cope with negative feelings created through their lived experiences. So they wanted to commission this animation (alongside additional online resources put together by at UKTC) to help. Their aim was to use storytelling to help inform young people about common physical and emotional responses to trauma and in turn, normalise those responses and show the importance of social connections in addressing traumatic memories from the past.

Created by: Fred & Eric in collaboration with UKTC and KRAN
Co-Produced with: The UK Trauma Council and a group of young people from the Kent Refugee Action Network
Animation Producers: Sarah Killeen & Jamie Pigram
Creative Direction: Maggie Rogers
Concept & Script: Fred & Eric and the UKTC
Concept Storyboard Artist: Joe Leach
Illustration: Lilian Darmono
Animator: Lee Cooper
Sound Design: Lee Cooper
Sound Studio (Main VO): Another Tongue
Sound Studio (additional VO): Forever Audio
Ukranian Male VO: Oleks
Arabic Female VO: Lara Sawalha
Arabic Male VO: Waseem
Farsi Female VO: Isabella Nefar
Music: Musicbed
Special thanks for script contributions: Jon Hunter and Katy Young
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