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Every day from April 6th, I drew an illustration of a dessert, and how it's reimagined as a person. It's part of the 100 day instagram-based initiative as started by Elle Luna (The Great Discontent). Everyone who participates pick one thing to do for 100 days. I decided to draw sweet treats and I thought it would be fun to reimagine them as people. There is a story behind each picture, some longer than others, but it's a bit much to put it all here. Just not the right forum for it, but if you want to know more, and to follow this as it happens, head to my instagram account here. 
Thanks everyone for the support! 
All the 100 illustrations up together. 
Jajanan Pasar
Mungo's Strawberry Sponge Cake
Chili Chocolate Fondant with Ginger Ice Cream and fresh Strawberry
Kolak Pisang
Tang Es Mambo
Wedding Cupcake
Indonesian Vanilla and Chocolate Milk Pudding
Raspberry Saint-Honore
Banana Bread
Persian Orange Gluten Free Cake
Coffee Chocolate Cupcake
Bovi (Fried Dough with Sprinkled Sugar and Strawberry and Chocolate Sauce)
Suspiro A Limena
Fruit Salad
Les Mervilleux
Sakura Jelly Cake on White Chocolate Mousse and Cherry Base
Rainbow cake
Raspberry Napoleon
Rose Meringue with Raspberry Chocolate Ganache Filling
Green Tea Opera cake
Berry Cheesecake by Sebastian Horey
Deconstructed Millefoglie 
Raspberry Ispahan 
Lavender cupcakes by Cupcake Richard 
Rose Chiffon Cake
Lime and Coconut cake by Genevieve The Baker for Embassy East
Brazilian Condensed Milk Pudding (Pudim do Leite Condensado)
Coffee and Fig Cake with Chocoalte Ganache
Lapis Legit (indonesian glutinous layer cake)
Salted Butter and Caramel Choux by Christophe Michalak
Finger Bun
Eton Mess
Cassata Ice Cream Cake
Blood Orange and White Chocolate MIllefeuille by Adam Handling at Caxton
Summer Pudding
Coco Pandan drink (shaved Coconut and Jackfruit with ice and CocoPandan syrup)
Mandarin Creme Brulee
Golden Gaytime ice cream.
Brazilian Churros
Whoopee Pie
Swedish Princess Cake
Sicilian Cannolis
Key Lime Pie
Kue Mangkok IIndonesian) - literally translated as cup cake or bowl cake. 
Entrements (home-made)
Choux Apple Tatin (by Christophe Michalak)
Mango Tart
Mandarijn Cake (made in Solo, Indonesia), a childhood treat
Patbingsu (Shaved ice with fruit and jellies, a Korean dessert)
Knickerbocker glory
Vic's Chocolate Cake, a well-guarded secret recipe in my husband's family.
Ice Cream Sandwich (as made by my favourite cafe in Melbourne, Mixed Business)
Pineapple and nut cake as made by Genevieve Mason for East Embassy cafe in Hoxton, East London
Cream Tea
A snapshot of the progress 25 days into the project. 
Mini cupcaron from Baked by Melissa, a bakery chain in New York
Orange Creamsicle Cake
Banana Split
Ice Cendol
Baked Alaska
Rocky Road 
Raspberry Souffle
Soft Serve with Sprinkles
Upside Down Gooseberry Cape Cake, by Cupcake Richard, a vegan/gluten free baker in Cape Town, South Africa
Tou Hua or Tao Foo Fah, a hot Chinese dessert, layers of soft silken tofu, eaten with palm sugar syrup in Indonesia, plain sugar syrup in other places. 
Strawberry Jam donut with Vanilla Icing
Dan Tat or Portuguese Custard Tart. A specialty of Macau. 
Serabi, an Indonesian dessert
Bannoffee Pie
Vanilla Cupcake by Cupcake Richard
Kue Cenil, a steamed glutinous rice, gelatinous dessert wrapped in banana leaf from Indonesia
Ronde, glutinous rice balls filled with peanut and sesame paste, eaten with hot ginger broth. My parents have been making and selling this for 30 years, to support our family. 
Black Forest Tart
Carrot and Beetroot cake by Genevieve Mason for Embassy East Cafe in Hoxton, East London
Carrot Cake
Layered Jelly and Sponge Cake from my local market in Jakarta, Indonesia. I always eat these when I go home to visit my parents. 
Sticky Toffee Pudding
Rose Musk Dessert as made by Estelle Bistro in Northcote, Melbourne, Australia
Green Tea cheesecake
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